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Within month's of his father's death, Barney Goff was unceremoniously fired from the company his father had founded over 30 years previously. Six months later Sans Pere opened up shop on the very same street as his father's flagship store. Sans Pere draws on all that Barney's father taught him and with so much of his spirit within the company it had to be dedicated to him.

James Goff was drawn to Shoreditch over 30 years ago by the dilapidated warehouses on the edge of the city - he appealed to the city to take them on as offices but there were no takers! Instead he ended up using the spaces for restaurants and bars and began converting them into the almost cliche open plan loft apartments, thus playing a big role in the creation of Shoreditch as we know it. 


Food and Property?

Food and property are James Goff's legacy and although not a natural pairing at first glance, they are certainly comforting bedfellows. When the cold, commercial, utilitarian word 'property' is replaced with 'homes' and 'work places', suddenly there is a warmth, a tactility and a humanity. And where is the heart of the home? The table of course! For it is where we break bread and gather for the best and worst of times. Few people buy a home or a work space on numbers alone, they first visit to see how it 'feels.' They imagine themselves sitting at the table on a Sunday morning with some takeaway coffees morning and a bag of croissants. 

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